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2020-2021 Nursing Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Nursing Student Handbook [FINAL EDITION]

Student Life: Widener School of Nursing



Students are represented at School of Nursing Faculty meetings and on several School of Nursing Committees. Listed below are the committees with their respective functions and membership guidelines.

Undergraduate Program Committee

  1. Functions of Committee:
    1. Establish the agenda for the Undergraduate Program Committee meetings in collaboration with membership and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs;
    2. Consider, study, analyze, develop and evaluate the curriculum and course changes submitted by the faculty and/or students;
    3. Develop, review, and recommend undergraduate curriculum changes to the faculty;
    4. Develop, review, and recommend policies for the undergraduate program;
    5. Review and recommend changes to committee bylaws and submit changes to the Faculty Affairs committee by March 1 of each year;
    6. By March 1 of each year, review and recommend changes, if appropriate, to the following sections of the SON Faculty handbook and submit changes to the Faculty Affairs committee: Goals and Outcomes of the Baccalaureate Program, Nursing Learning Resource Center, and Standards of Professional Practice.
    • E.1d and E.1e approved 4/05  Edited 5/09; 9/11

  2. Membership:

    1. A tenured or tenure track faculty member who teaches in the undergraduate program, voted by the faculty of the committee, shall serve as chairperson for a term of two years with no successive terms;

    2. Seven (7) faculty who teach in the undergraduate program.  At least four (4) of these faculty members must be course coordinators;

    3. Director of Community Relations and Clinical Placement

    4. Director for the Center of Simulation and Computerized Testing;

    5. Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Services;

    6. Director of the RN – BSN program;

    7. Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, ex-officio

    8. One (1) undergraduate student at the junior or senior level

    • Edited 5/11; E. 2f & h approved 9/11; 5/13;   2.f removed from 5/13 document approved.11/15

Recruitment and Student Affairs Committee

  1. Functions of the committee
    1. To develop, recommend, and coordinate strategies for student recruitment.
    2. To coordinate joint student-faculty activities.
    3. To review and recommend non-academic policies for the School of Nursing.
    4. To develop a list of nominees eligible for various student awards and complete recipient selection process.
    5. To review and recommend changes to committee bylaws and submit changes to the Faculty Affairs committee by March 1 of each year.
  2. Membership:
    1. Membership shall consist of five (5) faculty members one of whom shall serve as chairperson.
    2. Membership shall include the faculty advisor of the Widener University Student Nurses’ Association and the Director of Community Relations and Continuing Education. Student representation shall include one (1) undergraduate junior or senior student.


Nightingale Ceremony

This very special ceremony welcomes graduating seniors into the profession of nursing.  Students plan the ceremony under the guidance of faculty and act as hosts and speakers.  The event is attended by Widener University leaders, including the President and Provost, as well as the Dean of the SON.

White Breakfast

This signature event brings together graduates, faculty, and staff to reflect on the past years at Widener.  This breakfast is planned by students under the guidance of faculty.  The nature of this event is celebratory, yet is to be conducted with professional decorum.  The fee for these events is added to the student’s spring semester bill.



Eta Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, International, the Nursing Honor Society, was established in 1984.

The purposes of the Society include:

  1. Recognizing superior achievement;
  2. Developing leadership qualities;
  3. Fostering high professional standards;
  4. Encouraging exploration, innovation and research in nursing;
  5. Strengthening commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.


The requirements for membership on the baccalaureate level include:

  1. A minimum academic average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and ranking in the top 35% of their class.
  2. Completion of the junior year of the required nursing curriculum (50% of the baccalaureate nursing course requirements).
  3. Recommendations from Sigma Theta Tau Faculty members and/or faculty attesting to potential leadership and professional commitment.

Candidates are invited to apply for membership. An induction ceremony is held each academic year. For further information regarding the chapter and faculty counselors please refer to the Eta Beta website:


All students matriculated in the School of Nursing at Widener University are invited members of the Widener Chapter of the Student Nurses’ Association (WUSNA). Each nursing student is also a member of the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) and the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). An annual fee is charged to the student’s account to cover membership fees. Students have the right to opt out of membership.

Opportunities for serving on various committees are available and open to all nursing students. These committees include: Community Service, Break Through to Nursing (BTN), Fundraising, Publicity, and Social Activities. Please contact a member of the Executive Board if you are interested.

Elections for the Executive Board are held in December for the following academic year. Members in good standing are eligible to run for office and to nominate and vote for candidates. Newly elected officers shall work in concert with the current Executive Board for the month of December and assume their duties in January.

The mission of WUSNA is to promote and enhance professionalism and the academic aspects of the Widener Nursing student. WUSNA provides many volunteer services for the surrounding community. WUSNA organizes many different activities throughout the school year designed to inform nursing students of current trends in health care and promote camaraderie and fellowship within the School of Nursing. The times, dates, and focus of various events will be posted on the WUSNA web site, on the digital monitors in the New Academic Building and/or announced in class.

General meetings are held on Mondays 12-1 PM as announced. All are invited to attend the meetings. This is your opportunity to meet with fellow nursing students and see what WUSNA is all about. There will be opportunities to earn points toward pinning throughout the year. A formal pinning ceremony will take place in the spring to honor these members. Friends and family are encouraged to attend this ceremony.


Appointments with the Dean of the SON are scheduled with the Administrative Assistant to the Dean, by calling 610-499-4213. Appointments with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and the Director of the BSN program are scheduled with the secretary to the Program Director at 610-499-4211. Appointments for students in the RN/BSN program are scheduled by the secretary of that office at 610-499-4206.  Appointments for the Assistant Director of the Accelerated Nursing are scheduled with the secretary at 610-499-4212. Students are requested to provide an overview of the nature of the business they wish to discuss at the time the meeting is scheduled.

Faculty post their scheduled office hours by their doors. Appointments with faculty members should be made individually by the student. Students may contact faculty by telephone leaving a message on the faculty member’s voicemail, or by email.


Outlook email is the official point of contact for faculty and administration of the School of Nursing.  Students must check e-mail daily and are responsible for keeping space available in their inboxes.  Managing, tracking and sharing information for the Widener University community is facilitated through the MyWidener platform. Registration and personal profile updates are available through MyWidener. Questions related to log in identification and password registration are handled through the ITS Help Desk (610-499-1047).


Canvas is the learning management system used at Widener University. Students will utilize this system to access course information.


It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Registrar’s Office of any change in name, address, or telephone number. Students must also notify the Office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Services of above changes. RN/ MSN students must also notify the Office of Graduate Studies of these changes.


The School of Nursing makes every effort to communicate information from the School, faculty, staff and the Widener University Student Nurses’ Association to all concerned. Students are responsible for materials posted on the digital monitors in Founders Hall.  Email accounts are provided through the Information Technology Services Office. Course information can be accessed through Canvas. Students must check their Outlook email messages daily.