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2023-2024 Nursing Student Handbook 
2023-2024 Nursing Student Handbook

General Widener University Information

General Administrative Services


In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), any student has the right to request reasonable accommodation of a disability. Accommodations must be requested through Student Accessability Services (520 E. 14th St., 610.499.1266); which is the program that authorizes all ADA accommodations on campus. It is important to make this request as soon as possible so that there is time to make any necessary arrangements. https://www.widener.edu/student-experience/student-success-support/student-accessibility-services


Appointments can be made directly with Academic Program Directors or the Dean. Contact information is on the website. Students are requested to provide an overview of the nature of the business they wish to discuss at the time the meeting is scheduled.

Appointments with faculty members should be made individually by the student. Students may contact faculty by telephone leaving a message on the faculty member’s voicemail, or by email.


The Career Design and Development office assists students with all aspects of their career development. This includes choosing a major, exploring career options, gaining experience through internships and summer jobs, developing effective resumes, learning effective interviewing skills, creating individualized job search strategies, and applying to graduate school. The services of CDD are available to all Widener Students. To receive the greatest benefits, students are encouraged to visit CDD early in their educational program. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 610-499-1261 or see https://www.widener.edu/student-experience/student-success-support/career-design-development


It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Registrar’s Office of any change in name, address, or telephone number. Students must also notify the Graduate Nursing Office of these changes.

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The School of Nursing makes every effort to communicate information from the School, faculty and staff to all concerned. Email accounts are provided through the Information Technology Services Office. Course registration and information can be accessed through myWidener. Students must check their Widener email messages twice daily.


Nursing education and nursing service environments are characterized by their increasing use of and reliance on advanced technology. As a result, one expectation of highly educated professionals in education and health care is that they are familiar with and competent in the use of basic computer resources. Accordingly, all entering graduate students in the School of Nursing are required to have the following basic computer knowledge and skills.


  • Keyboard competency for effective typing
  • File management (create folders; create, save, edit, print files; make back up files on CD/DVD/flash drive)
  • Launch/open various computer programs from desktop icons and from Start option
  • Microsoft Office (incl. use of spell checker, thesaurus, grammar checker)
  • Literature retrieval (online searches; download and save search results and full-text pdf files)
  • Electronic mail (send, receive, forward, save, print e-mail, attach files to email)
  • Internet (browse the WWW; use search engines effectively)

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365®email is the official point of contact with faculty and administration of the School of Nursing. Managing, tracking and sharing information for the Widener University community is facilitated through this platform. Questions related to log in identification and password registration are handled through the ITS Help Desk (610-499-1047). It is strongly recommended that students check their email messages twice daily.

Students who do not meet these requirements must acquire the appropriate computer knowledge and skills prior to beginning coursework.

Full Faculty 2/19/2010


Confidential personal counseling is available to students free of charge. Appointments can be made by calling the Student Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) , 610-499-1261) https://www.widener.edu/student-experience/student-success-support/counseling-psychological-services


Students are encouraged to direct all questions related to financial aid to the Office of Enrollment Services, located in Lipka Hall (610-499-4161). Students receiving financial aid must see a counselor before graduating, transferring to another major, or withdrawing from the University. https://www.widener.edu/admissions-aid/financial-aid

Students must be financially cleared by the designated University deadline in fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students who are not financially cleared by census date will NOT be permitted to attend classes.


All non-academic functions such as housing, immigration visas and sponsorship are handled by International Student Services, 610-499-4498. https://www.widener.edu/student-experience/student-success-support/international-student-support


WUMAIL email is the official point of contact for faculty and administration of the School of Nursing. Students must check e-mail daily and are responsible for keeping space available in their inboxes. Managing, tracking and sharing information for the Widener University community is facilitated through the WUMAIL platform. Course information, registration and personal profile updates are available through My.Widener.edu. Questions related to log in identification and password registration are handled through the ITS Help Desk (610-499-1047). Students should check their myWidener account several times a semester.


Mobile Technology Devices include but are not limited to: Smart phones such as: Blackberry, Android, Iphone, and other portable devices such as laptop, Itouch and/or Ipad.

Mobile information technology devices may be used in clinical, simulation, and classrooms if permitted by the agency and faculty. If those devices also include a cell phone, instant messaging/text messaging, or camera feature, these features are NOT ALLOWED to be used in any of these settings. The use of the Internet through the use of these devices in these settings is limited to educational purposes ONLY. 

Students are expected to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. All patient related information (simulated and/or real) is confidential. Patient related information (simulated and/or real) is defined as all information related to the health, business, or personal matters of the patient or patient’s family. This includes but is not limited to Protected Health Information (PHI) that is based on a patient’s diagnosis, examination, treatment, observation, or conversation, and information maintained in databases that contain diagnostic or treatment related information. (*Dismissal offense: See student handbook for details)

Cleaning of mobile technology devices must comply with the clinical agency’s infection control policy and procedures. **If the device becomes contaminated it should be cleaned with the recommended disinfectant. If a patient is in isolation, the mobile technology device cannot be taken into the patient’s room. Hand hygiene is the best method of preventing transmission of disease.

Students who do not comply with this policy will be subject to possible consequences as stated in the SON handbook.

9/16/2011 approved by Graduate and Undergraduate Program Committees 9/30/2011 approved by Full Faculty



This office provides programming to support diversity and an inclusive, tolerant climate, and is located on the second floor of the University Center. An inviting lounge offers an opportunity for discourse, networking, and community building. https://www.widener.edu/profile/multicultural-student-affairs


Personal safety is a matter of concern to everyone. Please remember to be aware of your surroundings when attending evening and night classes at the Main Campus. To assure your personal safety, Widener University has located RED telephones in each building and BLUE Emergency Call Boxes around campus. Campus security is available at ext. 4200, 24 hours a day. Escort service by campus security is available to any building or parking lot on campus. During evening hours students should request an escort. In order to receive timely notifications regarding emergencies of types, including campus closing for weather, students must sign up for E2 Campus.


Students are advised to contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 610-499-4161 for the Main Campus to inquire about financial aid. Students receiving financial aid must see a counselor before graduating, transferring to another major, or withdrawing from the University. Information specific to scholarships is available through the Graduate Office for the School of Nursing.


Both clinical and educational institutions require that students wear University Student picture ID or Campus 1 Card. This applies to all students during required course experiences and data collection related to research as well as completion of guided projects. A valid ID with barcode is necessary to use the library’s resources. ID’s are available through the Campus Safety Office in Lipka Hall (610- 499-1018) and online. Students’ ID’s must be validated by Wolfgram Library in order to use remote site access to the University Library data bases for literature searches. https://sites.widener.edu/campus1card/links/


Widener University provides comprehensive assistance with writing skills at the Writing Center, located in Old Main Annex. Writing tutors are available Monday thru Friday. Students can receive help with generating ideas for assignments, creating outlines, reviewing drafts, proofreading papers, and general writing skills such as improving the organization and clarity of their written expression. Writing Center services are by appointment only, and appointments can be scheduled by calling 610-499-4332. https://www.widener.edu/profile/writing-center