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2022-2023 University Student Handbook 
2022-2023 University Student Handbook [FINAL EDITION]

Athletic Department

Every student of Widener University is encouraged to participate in sports activities and fitness programs: intercollegiate sports, club sports, intramural sports, recreational activities, and physical education classes. Widener’s Schwartz Athletic Center features a gymnasium, Olympic swimming pool, and weight training room. For hours of operation and more information about Schwartz Athletic Center, visit  www.widenerpride.com. Pool hours and weight room facilities are subject to proper staffing. For hours and information for the Pride Recreation Center, visit widener.edu/priderec.

Athletic Equipment

Students who are issued athletic equipment, including uniforms and practice attire from the Widener University equipment rooms, are solely responsible for that equipment. Student-athletes are financially responsible for any items not returned to the equipment rooms. Student-athletes are given three days to return all items after their last practice or competition.

Schwartz Athletic Center Facilities

The Schwartz Athletic Center consists of four units designed for varied activities conducted simultaneously in each unit. All full-time day students are admitted to the center upon presentation of their CampusOne card.

The field house has a one-tenth-mile running track. The entire area of the field house is suitable for a variety of sports.

The swimming pool, located in the west unit, is one of the finest indoor pool facilities in the region. It is championship size, 25-yards by 25-meters, with eight lanes.

The central unit includes a women’s locker room and several offices. The ground floor includes the newly renovated men’s locker room, training room, and men’s equipment rooms.

The gymnasium has one game court with bleacher seats for approximately 1,500 spectators, which can be modified to two practice basketball courts. Adjacent to the gym are class and meeting rooms, and the weight room is located on the lower level. The third floor is an office suite for all athletic department personnel.

To the west of the Schwartz Athletic Center lies Leslie C. Quick Jr. Stadium and Elizabeth J. Hirschmann Field encircled by the George A. Hansell Jr. Track. The stadium and the track and field provide leading-edge venues for a variety of activities, including football, soccer, track and field, and lacrosse. The 4,000-seat stadium bears the name of the former chair of Widener’s Board of Trustees, Leslie C. Quick Jr. The championship track is named after George A. Hansell Jr., former long-term athletic director.

Adjacent to the Schwartz Athletic Center is Edith R. Dixon Field, a lighted field turf facility for field hockey and women’s lacrosse; the facility is also used for campus intramurals.

Field and facility use for special events require prior approval from the director of athletics. Send written request and details of the event to the director a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

Admission to Athletic Events

All full-time day students are admitted to all home athletic events upon presentation of identification. Admission is not charged for regular season events except for home football games and men’s and women’s home basketball events. Admission is also required during any conference, regional, or NCAA event.

Full-time day students may bring their life partners to all athletic events on campus. Life partners attending athletic events will be charged the same admission as full-time day students, unless a conference, regional, or national event requires otherwise. Life partners of full-time students have the same free use of the facilities at the athletic center as offered to students. These admissions will be offered upon presentation of an I.D. card issued to the life partner by Enrollment Services verifying the status of the holder.