Jun 22, 2024  
2022-2023 University Student Handbook 
2022-2023 University Student Handbook [FINAL EDITION]

Student Health Services

Student Health Services


Student Health Services (located in Metropolitan Hall) is staffed by certified nurse practitioners, a physician, and a registered nurse. Appointments are required except for urgent circumstances.Widener uses Crozer-Chester Medical System for acute emergency referrals. Emergency hospital services and referral visits must be applied to the student’s or parents’ health insurance plan. The university is not financially responsible for this type of extended care.


Student Health Services Charges

There is no charge to students for visits provided by Student Health Services personnel. There are charges for medications, immunizations, laboratory tests, equipment or specific healthcare

treatments. These charges can be billed directly to the student’s school account, or paid for by check or cash. Student Health Services does not directly bill third-party insurance companies but

upon request will provide required documentation for students, parents, or guardians to submit charges for reimbursement. All labs drawn at Student Health Services are sent to LabCorp.

LabCorp will directly bill insurance if applicable. It is pertinent that students know what lab services are covered under their health insurance plans.


For more information, including hours of operation, services offered, and a directory, visit the Student Health Services website.


Student Health Immunizations and IGRA Blood Test Requirements


New and incoming students please visit: https://sites.widener.edu/studenthealth/incoming-current-students/ to see all requirements.

International students please visit: https://sites.widener.edu/studenthealth/international-student-information/ to see all requirements.


Health Insurance Requirement


All students who are required to have insurance are annually pre-billed for the university sponsored insurance plan. Upon completion of the waiver process, the insurance fee will be

credited on the student’s bursar account. If a student chooses the university sponsored insurance plan, the enrollment process must be completed and charges will remain intact.

This is a hard waiver process and if failed to complete students will be automatically charged and enrolled in the university’s insurance plan.


Please visit: https://sites.widener.edu/studenthealth/student-health-insurance/ to see the health insurance requirements.


International (undergraduate and graduate) students on nonimmigrant visas will automatically be enrolled and covered by the university sponsored insurance plan. The insurance charge will be

applied to their student account. SACM and Fulbright students will not be enrolled in the university medical insurance because of the coverage provided by their sponsor.