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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [FINAL EDITION]

Social Work/Human Sexuality, Advanced Standing, MSW/MEd

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The master of education (MEd) in human sexuality program provides knowledge, skills, and experience needed to become a sexuality educator or therapist. Some students apply to this program already having a clinical master’s degree and are seeking specialization in sex therapy to enhance their knowledge and practice. Students holding a licensable mental health degree typically pursue the sex therapy track. Those who are primarily interested in sexuality education take the education track. The educational track allows students to focus their studies toward educational philosophy, teaching methodology, and curriculum development. The MEd is an ideal degree for practitioners.

Degree Requirements

To qualify for the MEd in human sexuality, the candidate must complete all the degree requirements within a total of five calendar years from the date of matriculation.

This program also requires admission to both CHSS and Widener’s Center for Social Work Education. Full-time enrollment and local residency is required. The curriculum includes all required courses from the standard MEd in Human Sexuality Studies–Sex Therapy track, as well as MSW required coursework. The degree is completed in two years of full-time study, including required summer courses.

Students from an accredited BSW program are eligible to apply for advanced standing MSW admission through the Center for Social Work Education. Beginning with a summer session in May, advanced standing dual degree students can complete the program in a condensed period of time.


Research (3 Credits)

Foundations (12 Credits)

Proseminars (2 Credits)

Professional Core (24 Credits)

Thirty hours from the following:

Practicum (3-6 Credits)

Students must meet with the coordinator of field experience to determine the appropriate practicum depending on their needs, interests, and goals.

Total Credits: 44-47

*Required courses for the sexuality education track

Required courses for the sex therapy track.

The program of study that appears here applies to students who were admitted for the summer session of this catalog year and later.  Students admitted prior to that term should select the appropriate catalog year of their admission.  Choose previous catalogs from the Home, Graduate, or Undergraduate Catalog Page at http://Catalog.widener.edu.

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