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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [FINAL EDITION]

Clinical Psychology/Human Sexuality, PsyD/MEd

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The clinical psychology–education in human sexuality program is a partnership between the Center for Education’s human sexuality program and the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology. The purpose of this program is to enhance the training in human sexuality for students in the PsyD program who might encounter client problems related to sexuality. The joint degree program prepares clinical psychology doctoral students to teach, consult, conduct research, and provide assessment and intervention services in a variety of settings in the area of human sexuality.


Students spend five years in full-time residence at the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology working toward the PsyD degree. Within the same time frame, through the addition of summer courses, field practice experience, and electives during the academic year, the Master of Education in Human Sexuality degree can also be completed. Students are expected to earn their Doctor of Psychology/Master of Education in Human Sexuality degrees within the five years; however, some students may be required to take courses beyond the five years, depending on other aspects of their psychology curriculum. In addition to fulfilling the essential requirements of the separate degrees, students are required to participate in a number of noncredit learning experiences that are specifically designed to help them integrate their training and develop unique skills. Examples of such experiences may be content-relevant workshops or minicourses.


Applicants to the joint degree program must be accepted by both the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology and the Master of Education in Human Sexuality program. Applications must be submitted to the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology by December 7 of the preceding year of matriculation. Requirements for admission into the joint program parallel requirements for the Doctor of Psychology. Matriculation into the joint program is allowable only at the time of acceptance. Students who wish to have their application considered for the Master of Education in Human Sexuality program independently of the joint program must submit a separate application through the Center for Education and follow admission procedures accordingly.


Students pay a total of five years of full-time tuition at the rate set in the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology. Joint degree candidates who complete the MEd in Human Sexuality courses within the 18 credits allowable per semester (except during the first two years, during which students are allowed to take only 15.5 credits per semester) will do so without added tuition. All human sexuality courses above the 18 credits, and those taken after five years in the PsyD program will be subject to additional tuition charges at the Human Sexuality program semester-hour rate.  A fee will be charged each year while the student is enrolled in the joint degree program.


The PsyD program and its exclusively affiliated internship are accredited by the American Psychological Association. The MEd in Human Sexuality program is accredited under the auspices of Widener University’s accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Certification Requirements

Students who have completed the joint degree program and its experiential requirements will have met the academic requirements for sex therapy certification through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

Please Note

The program of study that appears here applies to students who were admitted for the summer session of this catalog year and later.  Students admitted prior to that term should select the appropriate catalog year of their admission.  Choose previous catalogs from the Home, Graduate, or Undergraduate Catalog Page at http://Catalog.widener.edu.

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