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2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog [FINAL EDITION]

Political Science, BA

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The political science major focuses on the way the “rules of the game” are established for conflict resolution and the processes by which conflicts in decision making are resolved or lead to forceful confrontation. Various forms of political institutions are examined with respect to making binding rules (legislation), applying them to ongoing activities (executive and administrative action), and settling disputes about the application of rules (adjudication).

Strong preparation in political science can lead to graduate study in political science, law, international affairs, public administration, urban government, city planning, community affairs, and policy analysis. The field can also lead to careers in the administration of business, government, hospitals, and other types of non-profit organizations. The major is good preparation for journalism and for other public service-oriented professions.

Pre-Law Option

Political science is one of the majors traditionally chosen by students interested in going to law school. By special arrangement with Widener’s School of Law, political science majors may choose a “3+3” option whereby they use the first year at Widener Law School to complete the last year of their Widener undergraduate degree in political science. Eligibility for participation in the three-three program is based upon high school record and SAT scores. Students considering this option should speak with the pre-law advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Political science students considering the study of law should pursue the legal studies and analysis minor offered by the College of Arts & Sciences . Students seeking further information on these programs and on preparation for law school admissions should contact pre-law advisor Professor Suzanne Mannus (Arts & Sciences) or Anne Cole Servin, Esq. (School of Business Administration).

Credit for Graduate Coursework

Undergraduate political science majors may petition the MPA Advisory Committee of the public administration faculty to take a maximum of two 500-level public administration courses. Students must have senior standing and must file a written petition with the political science faculty. Students will receive undergraduate political science credit as well as credit toward completion of the graduate MPA program for each MPA course they successfully complete.


Political Science (9 Credits)

  • Three electives in political science 9 Credit(s)

Research (3 Credits)

Total Credits: 46

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